Henry Stillwater is the protagonist of Final Nights 4: Fates Entwined in the 1973 sections of gameplay as the Nightguard. He is also a business entrepreneur who created the Fredbear's business along with William Afton and is tricked into his death by William.

Life Edit

Company Start Edit

Henry works with William and angers William by repeatedly denying features William considers great, which is the reason for Proto Spring Freddy and Proto Spring Bonnie as they had a special gas that made people around them happy.

Night Guard Edit

As Henry works as a nightguard (since the other left) William gets more and more angry with each night and phone call and eventually releases the gases that make Henry hallucinate and have to face Insane Freddy and Insane Bonnie for Night 5.

Death Edit

At the end of Night 5, Henry tries to escape and ends up running into the backroom with the Insane animatronics. The Insane animatronics then attack him and stuff him in a suit, which kills him and transforms him into Entwined Fredbear. His death took place in 1973.

Trivia Edit